About us

Grape to Shelf Consulting is a wine consultancy specialising in wine technical support for wineries, packaging sites, wine agencies and retailers to help them fulfill their due diligence requirements and ensuring wine consistency and quality.

Meet the team

Jenny Bond

As a student studying Agriculture and the Environment at university in Kent, I spent holidays working for Biddenden Vineyards in Kent. This sparked my interest in wine and so having completed my degree I travelled to Western Australia and worked a vintage. The full on madness of vintage, the fantastic wines and truly awesome beaches of the Margaret River got me hooked and soon after I travelled to New Zealand to study Viticulture and Oenology at Lincoln University.

Since then I have worked with wine in both production environments and for a UK supermarket as a Technical Manager. I have years of hands on practical experience from working in the New and Old Worlds in wineries and packaging sites old and traditional, brand new, small and large and in many different countries. I worked as Winemaker and Technical Director for the winemaking consultancy company Cellarworld International during which I worked on winemaking projects in many places including Chile, France, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Moldova and Cyprus.

I left Cellarworld for a job as Technical Manager for beers, wines and spirits at Somerfield where I visited own label sites across the globe and worked with them to improve quality and safety standards. I also set up systems to track productions and constantly monitored quality and packaging and was involved in the development, set up and ongoing use of the first on line specifications for own label products which are now widely used by retailers.

I left Somerfield to set up my own wine technical consultancy business in 2006. I had gained an interest in the finishing and packaging of wine and it was becoming obvious that the technical demands from supermarkets were increasing. Producers, packaging sites, agents and others in the supply chain were under increasing pressure to demonstrate that their products were safe whilst retaining consistent quality and of course being cost efficient. The demands have only increased in an ever more cautious and cost conscious world. Someone had to help them through the minefield of demands!

I love wine and how varied it can be. I thrive on seeing a site improve and then striving to improve more. I enjoy the variety of my work and continually trying to achieve the best possible quality and safety in the finished product. And I understand the technical challenges facing the wine industry today.

I have an excellent knowledge of alternative packaging formats for wine and in particularly Bag in Box (BIB). This was augmented by my time as President of Performance BIB (www.b-i-b.com) from 2011 to 2015.

I am a BRC trained auditor and am HACCP trained.

Email: jennifer@grapetoshelf.co.uk

Phone: +44 (0)7809 432107

Jacqui Oram

My career in the wine industry began in 2005 having returned to the UK after 11 years living in Denmark. As a wine enthusiast, a stint at Oddbins in Manchester was the perfect start, which led to Office Manager for Coad Wine Cellars in Devon. Within a year I progressed to become Operations Manager which gave me responsibility for the everyday running of the business, as well as maintaining a number of key sales accounts.

I went on to work for Guy Anderson Wines where I worked up until December 2015. I was the Technical and Commercial support for a number of UK supermarkets gaining a wealth of experience in the operational procedures required for the retail market. This meant being involved in all aspects of the trade from new product development, product specifications, site visits, quality control, forecasting and logistics. During this time, I built up excellent working relationships with people from all areas of the business who valued my drive, determination and dedication.

In 2013 I am extremely proud to have gained a Sainsbury’s Supplier Award. I was selected from all the own label suppliers, not just wine suppliers. The award was for setting the standard in the application of Greenlight Quality Assessment.

As global requirements for product safety and integrity have increased, so my role adapted and I became more involved in due diligence, quality and risk management. Through site visits and audits I have seen first-hand the challenges facing suppliers today and the costs involved.

I am always striving to increase my wine knowledge and have the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Diploma. I am also a BRC (version 7) trained auditor and am qualified up to HACCP level 3.

I joined Grape to Shelf Consulting as a wine technical consultant in January 2016. I am committed to helping our clients achieve their goals and finding solutions to what may at times seem like insurmountable problems. My skills and in-depth commercial knowledge add an extra dimension to the Grape to Shelf team.