What we do

We aim to tailor our work according to our customers' requirements. Please contact us if you have specific requests or requirements and want to know how Grape to Shelf can help. We have extensive knowledge and experience with the making, packaging, bulk shipping and workings of the wine industry.

Jenny is a winemaker, BRC trained auditor and trained to HACCP level 3.

ESSENTIALS ... stuff you can't hide from!

All production sites, agents and retailers have a responsibility to produce a safe product and to protect the end consumer from harm. These responsibilities are sometimes called Due Diligence. They include being able to demonstrate that that all reasonable steps have been taken to prevent a problem occurring with either the wine and/or packaging, ensuring that the traceability of the product is maintained, and that all legal obligations related to the production, packaging and selling of the wine have been fulfilled.

We frequently assist wine producers, packers and agents improve their due diligence by:

  • Assessing wine production and packaging sites from a product quality, safety and legal perspective
  • Assisting in continually improving procedures and practices including security and threat awareness in the supply chain
  • Carrying out pre-audits and/or internal audits to identify non conformances and ensuring non conformances have appropriate corrective actions applied

And support wine producers, packers and agents with:

  • Audit preparation: compliance to BRC Global Standard for Food Safety version 7, BRC Global Standard for Agents & Brokers version 1 or retailer's standards
  • Wine quality management: identifying root cause to complaints and other quality issues to ensure better consistency across products and packaging runs
  • Product specifications: developing, completing and managing specifications for branded, private label or supermarket own label wines.
  • Ethical requirements: ensuring Ethical (including Sedex) requirements are met

IN ADDITION ... we can help with

Packaging site identification & approval

  • Identifying a contract packer, or understanding the implications of changing packaging or closures. We can also can carry out packaging site assessments for product safety, quality and legality.
  • Overseeing first productions to help prevent quality or packaging issues before the product reaches retailer shelf.


  • Reviewing packaging suitability
  • Researching quality issues or high complaint levels, understanding what is going wrong and then looking at ways of resolving the issues whatever stage of the supply chain they are occurring.


  • Participating in NPD and selection of suitable packaging formats or bottle shapes/sizes for a particular product, market or packaging site
  • Ensuring the wine is prepared for packing and filled to optimise quality.
  • Reviewing packaging formats from a product quality, environmental, and cost perspective.

Wine handling & Bulk Shipping

  • Review of wine handling & bulk shipping

These are just examples of what we can do but there are many other areas of technical wine advice and support that we can help with. We are always willing to be flexible to your business's needs.